Sunday, May 26, 2013

Malaysia Personal Finance (MalPF) Blogs

This is my first Android application and it is available in GooglePlay now and you do not need to download the APK manually anymore (used to be needed). So, please check it out here.

Key Highlights/Features
  • Read all top personal finance blogs in Malaysia in one single application
  • Choose which blogs to load (Goto Menu->Blogs)
  • Share article with friends (Just touch and hold on the article)
  • Read article offline without internet connection

I do have a lot of enhancement ideas but not doable with my limited knowledge of Android development! Anyway, I do want to hear any feedback from you in terms of usability, features and so on. Have fun and please do comment on this blog if you have any feedback!

Get it on Google Play

Known Issues
  1. Hang occasionally (Hmm... need to figure out what's wrong, seems tricky) - Fixed in version 0.2
  2. Not needed selection on option menu in the web page view (Easy fix... lol) - Fixed in version 0.1
  3. Default blog's setting is not preserved after application exits (suppose should work but somehow it didn't ) - Fixed in version 0.2
  4. Downloading article dialog is not modal (it doesn't block other GUI)

Feature Enhancement Ideas
  1. Read all blog feeds without switching blog (current infrastructure does not allow, need major changes) 
  2. Implement tab support for easily switching between blogs
  3. Support more advanced feed view (e.g. bold, italic and image)

Internal Development (Ignore this unless you are interested to know)
  1. Enable log debug on device - TBD
  2. Remove obsolete android API  - Fixed in version 0.2


  1. Tested with my Samsung S3 - somehow occasionally, it hangs then exit unexpectedly. Not sure what's wrong. :)

    After the app is restart, things back to normal. Android App always like that? Or maybe memory leaks? lol

  2. Uploaded version 0.1 to GooglePlay now with minor fixes. Few key known issues still out there, let's see how it goes. :)