Monday, August 31, 2015

Flying Bird Android Game

This is my first game based on the idea from flappy bird.

Key Highlights/Features
  • Touch screen to not letting the bird falls down
  • You can get hit until no more lives
  • Keep the best score 
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I will continue to add more features to this game while I'm still learning. :)

Version 0.5 (WIP)
  • Reduce app size specifically for background image size (internal)
  • Reduce app size by limiting hardware suport to ARMv7 (previously was both x86 and ARMv7 hardware support)
  • Add sound support (i.e. background birds sound and bird collision sound)
  • Add "?" text at lower right of the screen to briefly show how to play the game
  • Add speaker and mute button on lower left

Version 0.4
  • Improved GUI - better visibility on score text, current lives, exit and menu boxes (previously was too small)
  • Change background image

Version 0.3
  • Add life indicator at top right screen
  • Make game difficulty level easier: 
    • Add 10 lives at score 40, 60 and 80
    • Maintain same difficulty level after score 40

Version 0.2
  • Change the quite similar "Angry Bird" character image which might violates the copyrights